For playing the Blues on the drums

Downloadable backing tracks for playing the Blues on the drums

Dozens of backing tracks for practicing the Blues on the drums (3 different key/tempo). Don’t forget to press PLAY to listen to excerpts from fully orchestrated Blues backing tracks(!)

Price: 1 € / backing track

Blues Rock

B 142E 156Gb 120

Boogie Woogie

C 174D 148F 188

Chicago Blues

A 132Am 120E 144

Modern Blues

Bb 124C 108F 116

Rhythm NBlues

A 118D 128E 104

Rural Blues

D 106E 96F 116


Bbm 112D 140G 126

Slow Blues

Am 60Cm 72Dm 84

Urban Blues

E 112F 120G 104

White Blues

E 98Eb 112F# 90