For playing Jazz music on the drums

Downloadable backing tracks for playing Jazz on the drums

Dozens of backing tracks for practicing Jazz on the drums (3 different key/tempo). Don’t forget to press PLAY to listen to excerpts from fully orchestrated Jazz backing tracks(!)

Price: 1 € / backing track

Be Bop 1

D 160F 140G 172

Be Bop 2

E 136F 108G 120


C 138D 152Eb 120

Free Jazz

E 104F 116G 90

Jazz Rock

A 132Ab 142C 116

Latin Jazz 1

Am 130Cm 114Ebm 144

Latin Jazz 2

A 84Ab 66F 76

New Orleans

Ab 70E 90F 80

Swing 1

A 160Bb 126G 144

Swing 2

Am 196Bm 170Cm 182